WildClimb is part of the M&M Calzaturificio s.r.l. di Montebelluna (TV) group and has over  25 years of experience in the production of mountain shoes.

Strengthened by these skills, we plunged into the vertical world to “climb” not by altitude but by experience.

We created tools to grow up and to let grow up.

Being related to the climbing community we are always careful to make our activity sustainable and repeatable.

If on the one hand the investments in materials and in the construction of the shoe are mainly aimed at respecting the foot even before the absolute performance, this happens because we think that an athlete can evolve if we do not damage his feet or if we do not force him to wrong postures because of the support on the ground obliged by too arched or asymmetrical shoes.

The same careful thought is given to the environment and to the young people on whom we have always invested.

We like to think that our enthusiasm can be a toolbox in which we let all those who use our products go fishing: everyone can take what he mostly needs most and to go on his own way with what he has learned.

WildClimb is happy to see to have been a solid foundation upon which many athletes have built their owncareers.

It is a way of thinking that builds and which does not allow to be defined by “first-class” testimonials.

WildClimb is wild, always evolving, as the enthusiasm should be, never satisfied if not of itself.

We resole all the shoes with seriousnes., M&M Calzaturificio s.r.l. has always worked for the leading companies on the international market and this for almost 30 years because we are convinced that ensuring the greatest choice is the only way to grow and let the others grow … Not only our branch.

The leitmotif of our work is our passion. Only this lets us always carry out our work in a serious and meticulous way. This has led us to test in our laboratories the most advanced materials, to use and put them at the feet of our best friends and athletes. Field and laboratory experiences are an inextricable fusion which leads to continuous improvement.

L’idea di creare una propria linea di scarpette nasce così.

So, putting together friendship, professionalism and passion for our profession, we decided to follow our own personal path and also to offer our point of view.

This is the way our idea of creating our own line of shoes was born!

il sole 24 ore

Al minuto:10; la parola passa a Mauro Marcolin.

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